How do I file a claim?

--- by Whats App ---

Take a clear picture of the claim documents required and send them via whats app  to our Bima no 71892707

GET IN TOUCH WITH US with your registered Mobile number

--- by text ---

Send "Claim" to 16211 and our claim officer will call you back during office hours (free of charge)

--- online ---

Documents to gather

for FamilyLife

  • Hospital

  • Death Certificate

  • Record of Death

  • Doctor's confirmation letter

  • Coronor's Office

  • Warrant to Bury (Form 9)

  • Notification of death fro Registrar General

  • Coronor's Certificate ( Form 11)

  • Cemetery

  • Cemetery Ordinance form

  • Invoice Number

  • Air Cargo

  • Air Cargo Invoice/Reciept

  • Stamped Airway Bill

  • Death Certificate from NID office

for HausikInsurance

  • Release form from the hospital (showing how many nights you spent in hospital)

  • Clinic book record

  • Identification document

  • Bank account details

How to send them to us

by email

Scan the documents or take a good photo with a smartphone and send them to:


Typically the payment should be made as soon as documents are verified.If we need more information from you we will call you. If you haven't heard back from us after 5 days, please call us!

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